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If you own a large house or office that includes several separate cabinets, then you are probably faced with a problem when one room is too hot and the other is too cold. Fortunately, there is a way that will help you not only maintain the optimum temperature in all rooms but also to save energy and reduce electricity bills. Interested? Let’s find out the solution together.

Energy Savings With Zoning

Zoning involves dividing the room into spaces for the purpose of uniform heating or cooling. It can be achieved by putting a thermostat in each room or (zone). Thus, your energy consumption is 100% target, since you heat or cool only the room that needs it at the moment. This allows you to save from 15% to 29% of the electrical energy that you consume, while electricity forms approximately 55% of your monthly bill. Agree, this is more than reasonable, economical and environmentally friendly.

How Much Does It Cost?

The charge, in this case, will depend on the type Zoning System and on the kind of a thermostat used. You can install several thermostats to be able to maintain the optimum temperature in all rooms in the house. This is a profitable investment in the future, which will allow you to live comfortably every day and save money.

Advantages of Zoning System

Zoning System along with a central forced air HVAC System allows you to create a healthy environment in the house thanks to the clean air of a comfortable temperature. Moreover, you can adjust temperature modes automatically using a mobile application. With the help of our solution, you no longer need to give up a large house, so you can afford maximum space for the life of your family.

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