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Have you ever thought about which company was the first to come up with and implement the air cooling technology? If not, then it will be interesting to know about the invention of air conditioning systems, the history of the company Trane and the reasons for its success.

Surprising Fact about Trane You Did Not Know

Today, Trane products are used in the majority of residential and commercial buildings. Do you know why? This is so because it’s a legendary success story of a company that started over 120 years ago. Its founders decided to implement the idea of cooling the air in the room in life and they managed to do it. After 50 years, this idea continued to evolve and led to the creation of a cooling system for huge commercial premises. Over the past 50 years, the company also did not stop in its development, which allowed it to become an unprecedented leader in the US residential conditioning market.

Trane Approach to Quality

The company has a truly unique approach to ensuring the quality of its products and its testing. Each HVAC system undergoes very serious challenges before it is released to the market. Trane calls its testing a real torture for technics, but thanks to this, every consumer can not doubt its accident-free operation for many years.

What Are Unique Features of Trane

  • Innovative design. Despite the fact that the company has been operating on the market for more than 100 years, it still keeps pace with the times. Trane is distinguished by thoughtful, economical and useful solutions.
  • Quality. The possibility of HVAC system failure tends to zero. The quality of Trane products is confirmed by expert organizations from all over the world.
  • Customer care. If you have chosen Trane once, you can always count on a quality service even after the ending of a  warranty period.

Financial Benefits of Choosing Trane

Along with the above advantages of Trane air conditioners, it is worth mentioning one more significant benefit. Choosing HVAC system is a rather cost-effective solution regardless of whether you use it at home or in the office. Trane conditioners allow every user to save about 60% of the monthly electricity bills. At first glance, it may seem that Trane products are expensive, but it is still a profitable investment since the financial enclosures in it will be fully paid off within three to four years.

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