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Trane XE1000 Specifications

Trane XE1000 Specifications

The Trane XE1000 was developed from scratch by the Trane Company, the manufacturer of air conditioning and heating products. The developer claims the XE1000’s innovations make it a reliable, efficient, and economical choice. The Trane XE1000 can handle outdoor ambient temperatures of up to 115 degrees of Fahrenheit. The Trane XE1000 is a discontinued heat pump that was designed for cooling and heating your home. 

The developer claims the XE 1000’s innovations make it a reliable, efficient, and economical choice. The system is fully charged from the factory with up to 15 feet of piping and can handle outdoor temperatures of up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a variety of XE 1000 models available. Each of them has its own components and features.

Thus, the XE 1000 is 23 5/8-by-20 inches. 

The base model is 24 3/8 inches tall. 

The largest XE 1000 model measures 38 7/8-by-34 3/4 inches and stands 37 inches tall.

The XE 1000 uses a Climatuff compressor rated at 1 to 3.5 tons. The unit features a Climatuff compressor, Spine Fin aluminum outdoor coil, braze refrigerant connections, and a liquid-lined filter drier. The compressor squeezes gas into a high-temperature gas and then moves the gas into the next phase. Compressors are rated in tons, each of which is rated to 12,000 BTUs. 

To ensure the proper and reliable functioning of the Trane XE 1000, the developers advise cleaning filters monthly and keeping the outdoor unit clear of debris. The unit features the baked-on powder paint that allows for washing with soap and water to maintain a clean appearance.

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