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Heating is the most expensive item of utility bills. Therefore, many homeowners are interested in how to save money. It is possible to save the whole environment with the help of smart thermostats. With their help, you can control the heating remotely, with the help of a smartphone app.


The smart thermostat is a modern electronic element of the house, which is connected to the optimized energy system of the house and operates within the framework of heating and cooling systems (and associated systems). In the usual version, the thermostat is a device that regulates the operation of mechanical or electronic systems, maintaining the desired temperature in the premises. The smart thermostat has some new and innovative functions – it uses microprocessors to adjust temperature parameters in automatic mode. This device adapts to the user by supporting various microclimate conditions in the house at different times of the day and even on different days of the week.

The Most Obvious Advantage

Smart thermostats help efficiently and reasonably use energy and save money. Such a gadget is an excellent one for those who do not sit in the house for days. In addition to the function of remote control of heating, such thermostats make it possible to change the temperature depending from the need, for example, to increase or decrease the temperature in used and empty rooms.

Saving Money

Some models of thermostats can reduce heating costs by up to 30%. The percentage of savings depends on the user settings and the method of heating a dwelling. In an average, if you have a house of 50 square meters of space, and you have replaced all the thermostats with the smart ones, you can save about $200 a year.


The money saved as a whole is equal to the price of a smart thermostat. However, this investment makes sense when your whole house has the concept of smart, or you plan to make it so. Payback year long is not too profitable for such a device. However, you can begin to transform your home towards technological solutions with the replacement of thermostats, and next year you will be able to invest a small amount in the next innovation.

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