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We truly believe that you are one of us, those people who spare no effort in making your home the best place in the entire universe! Starting from keeping a comfortable temperature level to humidity control, there are myriads of issues you may face and you need to be perfectly able to deal with them!

Today we will talk about common air conditioner myths, that you may hear from your neighbors and relatives in order for you to be able to decide on the proper way of maintaining the ideal temperature in your house. So, if you are interested, welcome aboard!

Myth #1: Setting an air conditioner will guarantee you a sick leave

Truth: If you are eager to keep your home cool and fresh, make sure the selected temperature level is comfortable and safe enough so that it will not give you a cold! Stop thinking that becoming chilled makes you predisposed to illnesses! It is a virus that may cause a disease, not the temperature!

Myth #2: Air conditioner requires constant and costly care

Truth: You don’t always have to pay lots of cash for air conditioner maintenance! Keeping it clean will definitely prevent you from air conditioner repairs and contamination! Check regularly if your air conditioner functions smoothly, in case you have noticed some malfunctions, do not hesitate to contact professionals from Central Mechanical to identify all symptoms and will make sure your unit is in full working order.

Myth #3: Maintaining the same thermostat temperature throughout the day is cheaper

Truth: Your air conditioner doesn’t have to work non-stop in order to be energy efficient! When you use a programmable thermostat, it provides you with the opportunity to control the warming and cooling processes in order for your unit to be able to take a break, when you don’t want it to use energy.

Myth #4: The bigger your air conditioner is – the better!

Truth: It is not exactly right! Don’t forget that you turn on your air conditioner not only to chill or to warm up the building, as it dehumidifies it as well! So, make sure you have picked the right appliance and not the biggest possible one!

You can make up your own myths number #5, #6 and more, however, remember to run your air conditioner system wisely for both: its efficiency and your comfort!

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