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Probably there is no need to say that your home HVAC is a universal device that pleases its owner with its work all year, all day and night. In order to maintain this positive trend regardless of the season and weather outside the house, you need to know how to properly maintain the system in working order.Let’s find out what you need to pay attention to in the work of HVAC in different seasons so that the sudden stop of heating or cooling is not a surprise for you at the most inopportune moment.


The most suitable time for consultation with a specialist is the middle of the spring, as the hot summer season is ahead. Calling him at this time, you will save finances (because the agiotage in the summer will be higher) and time, because of the low workload, the specialist will come to you quickly enough.It makes sense to check the operation of the motor, clean the filters and check the level of the refrigerant.


If you followed the previous advice and checked the work of your HVAC in the spring, then you are unlikely to run into problems. But in the opposite case, most likely you will have to be patient since the summer season is the peak when HVAC systems massively fail. And while you are waiting for the master, do some tricks yourself, for example, try to turn off the system from the network for several hours, and then turn it on again. Perhaps it was just a matter of freezing the cooler.  


The right approach to preventing the correct operation of HVAC in the autumn is similar to this approach in the spring. If in the spring it makes sense to check the operation of the system for cooling, then now it is worth checking the heating capacity of the air conditioner. For this reason, in the middle of autumn, check your readiness for the heating season, especially if you live in a location prone to sudden changes in weather.


Staying without heating in winter is also critical and dangerous as it is to suffer heat without cooling. In the event that you have reason to believe that the HVAC is not working properly, you can check the operation of the thermostat yourself. In case of insufficient heat supply, remember when you changed the filters and make sure there is room for air circulation. If none of this has worked, call the master.

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