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As you know, companies that sell and install air conditioners, also offer a number of related services. They include warranty and post-warranty service, the arrival of the master at home, as well as cleaning of the elements of HVACs. One of the issues that a home air conditioner owner faces is whether it is worth cleaning the air ducts. If the answer is yes, then how to do it and how often should it be done? We decided to look into the matter.

The Ambiguous Answer

The answer to the question of the frequency of cleaning ducts can not be unambiguous, because in this case, different factors are important.

In the most general form, the answer is as follows. The air ducts do not need to be cleaned, if you maintain the entire system in proper condition, periodically check its performance, perform seasonal checks and cleaning, and just treat your air conditioner carefully. The main task in this is the timely cleaning of air filters.

The Cases of Scam

However, many owners fall for the bait of companies wishing to get extra dollars from you, and they willingly pay for this service, (which can cost from $300 to $1000). Moreover, in case of outright fraud, the master simply pretends that he is engaged in something, but does nothing on the merits. In order not to become a victim of such fraud, one must understand when cleaning the air duct is really necessary and how to verify that the service was provided qualitatively.

Cases of Duct Cleaning Necessity

A large number of animals with abundant wool cover is kept indoors

  • Smoking is allowed in the room
  • The owner or another resident of the home suffers from asthma or allergies
  • There is a probability of nesting an animal inside the duct
  • The air conditioning system suffered from a fire or flood
  • Before installing the system in a new building

How to Make Sure That You Are Not Deceived

If one of the above cases is relevant for you, then you need to resort to this procedure. And in order not to become a victim of deception, follow the simple rules.

  • Check the certificates and documents of the representative of the company that will do the cleaning
  • As a rule, after finishing the work, the master must himself suggest that you check that everything is good. Otherwise, it’s an alarm bell.
  • Personally make sure that the air duct is free of dust, dirt and there are no obstacles to air circulation.

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