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Global warming causes more families to spend the summer creating their own microclimate. But how to survive the heat, while not paying for it all your money?

Choose an Energy-Efficient Model

In order to successfully save on the air conditioner, you need to take the first step even during its purchase. Give preference to those who have a class of energy efficiency of at least A, even better – A+.  This model will cost a little more than Class B, but you will “return” the price difference in the first year, due to lower power consumption.

Turn off Your HVAC When It Is Not Needed

Many users for some reason are sure that the air conditioner should work continuously to maintain the necessary temperature. But you’re not in the lab, where every degree is important. Turn it on for an hour, cool the room to the desired temperature, and then turn it off. After 2-3 hours, when the temperature starts to rise, turn it on again.

Take Care of the Cold

Close doors and windows tightly, on sunny days, lower the blinds or curtains to avoid overheating the room. This will protect the air conditioner from working in the “cooling of the street” mode and will save its resource and your money.

Provide Air Access

This applies to both indoor and outdoor units. Nothing should block them and interfere with the unhindered access of air. This significantly increases the consumption and reduces the efficiency of the system.

Cool Without Fanaticism

If you are in the same room all day, there is absolutely no need to cool the whole house or apartment. Close the doors, so you can quickly create the necessary microclimate and save a lot.

Natural Airing

In the mornings, do not rush to turn on the air conditioner. It is better to open the windows wider and let the fresh morning air into the room. It’s free cooling, which saves on the work of the HVAC.

Do Not Turn Summer into Winter

Another common mistake is the wrong temperature. The optimum temperature is 73-75 ° F. Each degree below these values increases the energy consumption of the air conditioner by 5-8%.

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