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Mechanical ventilation systems are designed to organize high-quality air exchange in rooms for various purposes with goal of forming a healthy microclimate. A modern ducted air conditioning unit can permanently eliminate the problems of poor air exchange, but in order to work properly for many years, is necessary to carry out these preventive cleaning of system from time to time.

Why Do You Need Ductwork Services

Over time, vents ducts tend to overgrow with dust, which, when in contact with condensed moisture, firmly adheres to the inner walls of the airway. Such contamination of the ducting pipes leads to deterioration of the aerodynamic properties, which affects the ventilation, heating and cooling performance of your AC. It also poses potential hazard to human health, since there excellent breeding ground for bacteria and some insects inside the pipes.

Cleaning ducts are specific work to deal with it yourself and requires a lot of special tools, tools, and equipment. Therefore, if need to prevent air ducts, it is better not to waste time, but immediately seek help from professionals.

Central Mechanical Can Help

Dirty air ducts can damage the entire ventilation system. Our specialists are ready to solve this problem that will be done in three steps:

  • Step 1. Inspection of air ducts and determination of the nature of pollution.
  • Step 2. Cleaning of air ducts.
  • Step 3. Disinfection of air ducts.

Thus, we propose to make a full front of work: diagnostics, cleaning, and disinfection. Experience and technical capabilities of our specialists allow them to carry out work quickly and efficiently, and your ventilation system will work as new one again. Let’s do it now!

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Zoning involves dividing the room into spaces for the purpose of uniform heating or cooling.

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