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When it comes to your dwelling the first thing you focus, on is the comfort, right? But what comes next? Family budget, of course. Despite the fact that we always tend to equip our homes with all the best and the most modern appliances, we still take into consideration the amount of money we can spend on them.

This article will compare central air conditioner vs window unit, in order for you to be able to pick the perfect option for your house, that will both work perfectly to maintain the proper temperature level and be affordable.

If you have thought about installing several room or window conditioners install central air conditioning system, there are some things that you need bare in mind!

First, window units are good at cooling a room or two, however, they are not central AC which is perfectly capable of cooling the entire house.

Here you may say that window conditioners are a lot cheaper to install which is true, but they are also less energy-efficient. Running two or more window units can be costly, not to mention how noisy they are.

So, if you still hesitate whether to purchase a central air conditioner or a window unit, try to answer these questions:

Do you own a house or a flat?

If you are a house owner, it is better for you to opt for central AC, this will help you to control your temperature properly, especially in the houses that are equipped with a forced-air heating system.

In case you live in a flat, installing a window unit is the most popular option.

How many window conditioners do you need to cool your dwelling?

One or two window units will be relatively energy efficient and inexpensive, but if you need more it will definitely have an impact on your down-payment on central air conditioning as well as on your electricity bill.

Can you afford a central AC?

If you are up to installing a central air conditioner yet stay on your budget – do it! In case you are in need of professional advice, feel free to contact specialists from Central Mechanical!

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