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A very frequent problem with cooling systems is the situation when a house ac is not blowing cold air. Problems can be divided into two types: requiring repair and not requiring. We will deal with possible reasons and methods for their elimination.

Main Reasons Why AC Stopped Blowing

The Filters of the Indoor Unit of the Air Conditioner Are Polluted

If the filters are not cleaned for a long time, then after a while the cooling of the indoor unit’s radiator will decrease, as a result, the air conditioner will be blowing but not cooling. There will be a violation of the normal operating mode of the cooling circuit, which often leads to the freezing of copper pipes.

The Heat Exchanger of the Indoor And/Or Outdoor Units Is Contaminated

With light impurities in the radiators, it is sufficient to clean the plates with a relatively stiff brush.

The Indoor Unit Fan Is Dirty

The split-system must be disassembled and the indoor unit fan cleaned, for example with a brush or a high-pressure washer.

There Is No Freon or It Is Not Enough In the System

It is required to refill the air conditioner with refrigerant in any convenient way, having previously discovered and eliminated the reason for the leakage.

With large losses of freon, the central is air not blowing cold and does not heat, but simply chases room air. If this is the case, then do not torment the air conditioner by changing the modes, turning on and off. A miracle will not happen, the refrigerant will not return to the system from the atmosphere. Turn off the air conditioner and call Central Mechanical at (972) 808-9696 today.

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