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There are situations when the in-house or commercial air conditioning system stops working for some reason. As a rule, this happens at the most inopportune moment, when the heat is off scale. Nevertheless, do not despair. Central Mechanical is always able to fix it.

What Typical Problems Can Arise in the Work of AC

Here is the most common list of possible problems.

What Is the Reason of a Breakage

Of course, the answer to this question will be different in each case. But we can distinguish a number of general situations when your HVAC system needs a repair.

  • There is no local electricity. This may not be related to the system directly, for example, due to the congestion of the electrical network in the house.
  • The fan belt is frayed. This is due to constant work over many years.
  • There is a coolant leak. The replacement of the conductive tube is needed to eliminate a leak.
  • The bobbin of the vaporizer is refrigerated. This problem can be solved only by a qualified specialist.
  • The fan engine is faulty. In this case, only the master can decide to replace or repair the engine.
  • The compressor does not work. If it so, an air conditioner will produce only warm air.

What to Do if the Air Conditioner Does Not Work

There is a definite answer. Urgently call us and report your problem. We are in Dallas, Texas, but we serve the entire Fort Worth Metroplex. We leave to you immediately after the end of our conversation, so rest assured that you will not have to wait long for our technician specialistAlso we provide maintenance and replacement services.

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If you need help to fix your air conditioner, do not lose a minute more and call us right now at (972) 808-9696!

“We appreciate the quality workmanship, timeliness, and fine attitude of Central Mechanical employees. They are professional, capable, and easy-to-work with. They have exceeded our expectations.”

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