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Why Proper Maintenance of your AC Is Important

Everything needs constant care. Our careful maintenance of all things, including air conditioning systems, significantly extends their service life and reduces the chance of sudden breakdowns. Let’s discover how to properly care for your air conditioner.

What Are Causes of AC Contamination

Unlike other home appliances, for example, TVs or microwave ovens, changes in the operation of the air conditioner accumulate gradually and are not conspicuous. However, these changes are taking place. There are some factors affecting the degree of wear-out and contamination of the air conditioner:

  • air humidity;
  • the degree of air pollution;
  • the height of the air conditioner location above the ground.

Main Rules of AC Maintenance You Should Know

What do you need to do to ensure that your air conditioner unit has worked properly throughout the term of its operation? Here is a checklist of the main rules.

  • You need to regularly clean the filters of the indoor unit;
  • If the air conditioner stops functioning normally (water drips from the indoor unit, an ice “coat” appeared on the copper tubes, the cooling of the air in the room deteriorated, there were crackles and other extraneous sounds), it is necessary to turn it off and call us for help;
  • Call the representatives of our service department for preventive maintenance at least once a year. This measure includes checking the pressure in the system and refueling with freon, a complete check of the air conditioner in all modes of operation (for revealing hidden faults), cleaning the indoor and outdoor units;

Central Mechanical Can Help You



If you have some problems with your AC maintenance, do not hesitate to contact Central Mechanical (Dallas, Texas/ Fort Worth Metroplex) and ask your questions. We want your air conditioning system to work as long as possible, so we will be happy to help you. Also, do not forget about the annual inspections  and other local services that we can hold for you. Also we provide repair and replacement services.

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