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Of course, you’ve heard the saying “while it is fine weather mend your sails”. This also applies to seasonal maintenance of  HVAC systems. So, you need to start caring ahead of time about the air conditioner, as it is one of the most important devices in your house despite the season. In order for your air conditioner to work during the whole hot season without breakdowns, we advise you to call the specialists for servicing prior to its intended inclusion. Let’s find out what to pay attention to before the onset of the hot season.

Checking External Unit  

The diagnosis of the air conditioner should begin with a check of the capacitors of the outdoor and indoor units. It is necessary to make sure that they are not clogged with mud, and the blocks are located in such a way that nothing prevents their normal ventilation. The first step is to make sure in the correct operation of the electrical network and freon. The second step is to check the operation of the compressor and fan motor. Service technicians will also offer you to clean this part of the HVAC system from dust to prevent further clogging.

Testing the Internal Unit  

The air filter is the main element here, so it is fundamentally important to make sure it works correctly before the onset of the summer season.

Drain Lines Maintenance

Checking the drainage lines is the third stage of the service inspection of the HVAC system and its preparation for high temperatures. In the case of line fouling, service technicians blow them through a cartridge of carbon dioxide.

Thus, preparing the air conditioner for the summer season means its testing in all operating conditions, measuring a number of parameters on which the life of the air conditioner and the safety of its operation for the surrounding depend (freon pressure in the system, the difference in temperatures at the inlet and outlet of the evaporator, etc. .). As spring is already coming to an end, we kindly advise you to include an HVAC system checking to your To-do-list right now!

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