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Over the years of uninterrupted operation of gas heating equipment, you are accustomed to warmth and comfort. But suddenly the boiler stopped turning on, the burner does not light up, and the room quickly cools down in the meantime. The reasons may be as follows.

The Most Popular Problems Why the Furnace Does Not Turn on

  • The increased duration of ignition of the burner, the cause of which is the clogging of the photocell sensor. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to clean the sensor and repeat the ignition.
  • Incorrect operation of the thrust sensor, which results in blocking the flow of gas into the burner and nozzles. Repair involves cleaning the sensor. Practice shows that in most cases this part should be replaced with a new one.
  • Thermocouple breakage, resulting in burner failure during ignition. In this case, the part is also subjected to complete replacement.
  • Malfunction of the coolant pressure sensor. In emergency situations when the gas boiler does not ignite, it is possible to connect the contacts directly. Repair involves the replacement of parts.

In any case, we kindly recommend you not to try to make repairs on your own since sometimes it may be dangerous for you. The best way is to call our specialist at (972) 808-9696 who will be able to cope with the problem very quickly and efficiently.

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Zoning involves dividing the room into spaces for the purpose of uniform heating or cooling.

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