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If your furnace smells like gas, it says only one thing — something is not working properly. Regardless of the cause of this situation, the smell of gas in the room is a danger to both health and property. Therefore, it is necessary to detect and fix the failure of your furnace since ignoring the situation may lead to irreversible consequences.

Find Out What Have Happened

There are the most typical situations that may occur with your furnace.

  • A cracked heat exchanger. In this case, the smell of gas will spread throughout the room.
  • A back drafting furnace. This situation occurs when unburned gas is not able to leave the premises, for example, due to a clogged chimney.
  • A gas line or valve leak. Valves tend to wear out over time, which in this case can lead to a gas leak.

The causes of these failures may be different, starting with defects in the hose, ending with improper installation.

Causes and Effects

There are several ways to conduct an independent primary diagnosis:

  • if the smell is even stronger when you open the oven door, then the problem is in the faucet;
  • if the smell increases when the device is removed from the wall, then the problem is connected with communication;
  • when the smell comes from non-working burners, the defect touched the junction of the panel and the hose.

However, Central Mechanical kindly recommend you never try to fix the problem independently if you are not sure that you are completely right. Do not risk your health and call our specialists in a case of such situations!

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