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Many owners of air conditioners for sure faced with problems of a different nature. One of them is the situation when the air conditioner does not turn on or off. Sometimes the problem can be solved very simply and without the involvement of skilled masters. But if you can not cope on your own – call us!

Main Reasons of the Problem

Batteries in the Remote Are Dead

Try to install another, the guaranteed working set of batteries and start the air conditioner again.

Electricity Supply Is Impaired

In other words, everything is fine with the compressor itself, but there are some problems with the power supply parameters.

The Temperature Outside the Window Is Too Low

The compressor will not start cooling if the weather is cold. The reverse situation is also possible.

Refrigerant Leaked

This is a very serious malfunction, and it is already useless to understand how the air conditioning compressor works – it will have to be replaced.

There Was a Breakdown of the Compressor

The fastest way to test the compressor is to check it with a multimeter in the resistance measurement mode.

The Air Conditioner Does Not Turn off with the Built-In Button

If the air conditioner cannot be turned off with the button integrated into the housing of the indoor unit, it is necessary to check the operation of the touchscreen and a separate power button.

The Equipment Does Not Turn off Due to Internal Malfunction

If the air conditioner is not turned off with the remote and the button on the case of the indoor unit, then the equipment itself is faulty. Here, its diagnosis and repair by an experienced specialist are required. In this situation, you should disconnect the faulty air conditioner by using the power cord (pulling it out of the socket) and call us immediately!

Keep in mind that Central Mechanical is ready to help you in any of the above situations, just let us know about your problem!

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