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Climatic equipment, like any other tools, requires certain maintenance for its normal operation. Helping our clients in Lucas, TX, and neighborhood areas, we got a unique experience that allows us to cope with a wide variety of malfunctions in HVAC systems.

Conditioner Repair and Types of Breakdowns

Climatic equipment for home or office in Lucas, TX is a technological complex consisting of different systems and elements. The failure of any component can significantly limit the ability of the device to operate. Most often, repair of the following structural elements is required to fix the problem:

  • Couplings of the compressor;
  • Management boards;
  • Hoses and tubes;
  • The fan;
  • Auto-compressors;
  • Radiator;
  • Pump;
  • The outdoor unit of the air conditioner.

What Services Do We Provide

Refueling of Conditioner

Our company offers convenient service for refueling air conditioners in Lucas, TX. Timely repair and refueling of air conditioners can significantly increase the service life of the device and do not spend money to replace it.

Cleaning of Air Conditioners

In the course of its operation, any air conditioner passes through itself a significant amount of air, in which dust and other pollutants inevitably fall. This is the most common reason why customers turn to us for help.

What Clients in Lucas Said About Us

“When in the midst of the heat my air conditioner suddenly stopped working, I was horrified. After consulting by phone, the master came to me and fixed everything in a few hours. It was almost magic!”

Delbert Mika

“For several years now I have been addressing the Central Mechanical guys asking them to check out my HVAC system. Thanks to their scheduled checks and competent advice, my air conditioner works without interruptions.”

Robert Gilkey

“When our company moved to a new office, we faced the necessity of HVAC replacement. Masters of the company did everything very professionally and now the air conditioner is installed even better than it was before.”

Andrea Roberts


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