When it comes to fresh air, there is no need to say it is one of these critically important things for any office. If your air conditioner faced ailing and your employees quietly make a hint it should be repaired, it is time for an upgrade. Not only your employees, but also your utility bills will surely get a positive effect from AC replacement. We are serving Dallas / Forth Worth Metroplex area and opened for you 7 days a week. Central Mechanical boasts of friendly and professional team that is able to meet any problem when it comes to commercial AC replacement.

How to Identify Your Commercial AC Needs Replacement?

  • Age. If your air conditioner is 10 years old or even older, no doubts it needs a regular check-up. In addition, it likely has many parts to be replaced. The good news is any broken part could be replaced so your AC system will be delivering excellent performance.
  • Breakdowns. It is ok if your AC breaks down once a year but it is not normal to constantly repair it. First of all, these repairs could leave you broke down instead of your AC system since repair cost usually is very high. Secondly, the sooner you replace all broken parts in your AC, the better for its functioning.
  • Comfort. There is no need to explain uneven temperature or smell brings discomfort both to your employees and customers.

We are not afraid of the above mentioned problems your commercial air conditioning system could face. Your AC deserves to be maintained decently.

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